About us

Amirtha team

Amirtha team

Pitchandikulam has established a unit that collects medicinal plants, processes them into products, and markets these products as natural alternatives to chemical medicines.  Workshops are offered to women’s self-help groups that promote kitchen herbal gardens and teach the preparation of medicines using locally available plants.  These are efforts to support and conserve the traditional knowledge and make it once more strongly embodied in a ‘people’s health culture’.

Vision & Mission

To build a sustainable social enterprise model aimed at:

  • Rehabilitating local indigenous traditions into health care practices
  • Contributing to the financial and social development of women and BPL communities in the Bio-region
  • To provide quality, affordable and natural medicinal herbal products
  • To provide income-generating opportunities and capacity-building programs to beneficiaries
  • To Conserve medicinal plants and Our traditional knowledge


We are producing 22 labeled herbal products in the form ofherbals

  1. Powder
  2. oil
  3.  paste

Sectional herbs single drugs production

  1. Dried leaves
  2. powders

Marketing through

  1. Direct sale
  2. Sales outlet
  3. Postal
  4. Retail Shop
  5. Exhibitions (2x per year)
  6. College Bazaar (2x per year)
  7. Conference (5x per year)
  8. Health Camps (2x per year)

Structure and team

15 women from local villages are the shareholders of the unit and Each member invested 5000 Rs for starting and running the project.

Impact on women entrepreneurs:

  • Developed entrepreneur skills
  • Business management
  • Economical empowerment
  • Exposure
  • Social respect
  • Healthy life
  • Happiness


  • Tamil Nadu corporation for Developments of woman (TNSRLM)
  • Pitchandikulam forest
  • QSA

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